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Friday, January 26, 2007

We've got photos

I get lots of emails asking for more photos so here you go. Look for more to come. So, what else do you want? Tell me.
feedback@sexwithemily.com xxx emily

mily, Paige & Gretchen from Mommycast (www.mommycast.com) after our Macworld Presentation

The Confess to Emily booth at the Culture Catch Salon after MacWorld

Emily & Marc Rudov author of 'Under the Clitoral Hood: How to crank her engine without cash, booze or jumper cables' (www.thenononsenseman.com)
LISTEN to the show with Marc Rudov

Emily & Coyote Days from Good Vibrations (www.goodvibes.com)
LISTEN to the sexy gift show with Good Vibrations

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Guest Photos!

Emily & guest Sexy Sheri from Episode 46 - September 28, 2006
LISTEN to the episode with Sheri

Captain Erotica & Red Hot - Episode 55 - December 16, 2006
LISTEN to the show with Red Hot and Captain Erotica

More Pictures

Emily, actor Jason Lewis (from Sex & the City of course!) and Ruby Rippey-Tourk, radio & tv host

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sexy Gift Give Aways

We're excited to give away two sexy gift baskets to our listeners this week. Please send an email to feedback@sexwithemily.com by January 5th and tell us why you or someone you love should win these sexy treasures.

Sex with Emily is grateful to the following companies, through ASBMagazine.com and PRThatRocks.com, that have gratefully contributed these adult novelty items to produce two Lover's Fantasy Assortment Holiday Gift Set, as follows.
The total suggested list price of all of the following items in each gift set, if purchased individually, is $1301.00.

From Shunga.com, one Shunga Erotic Art Tenderness and Passion Collection intimacy kit in Strawberry and Champagne, one Shunga Erotic Art 7 oz. massage candle, and one 8 oz. Bottle of Shunga Erotic Art Erotic Massage Oil. Visit www.shunga.com

Fone piece of Liberator Bedroom Adventure gear. Visit www.Liberator.com

From Heaven Sent Naturals, two boxes of all natural Stamina Squared for men, two boxes of Elexia Plus for women and one box of all natural Hangover Protection. Visit www.hsnaturals.com

A complete assortment of vibrating novelties from The Screaming O, including an assortment of vibrating condemn rings, intimacy kits, one three-speed Bullet Massager and one Screaming Octopus mini vibrator. Visit www.thescreamingo.com

From Topco Sales, one life-like CyberSkin vibrator. Visit www.Topcosales.us

From FantasyGlide.com, one FantasyGlide Replacement Lover. Visit www.fantasyglide.com

From Phallix Glass, one Functional Erotic Glass novelty item. Visit www.phallixglass.com

From XXXGlass.com, one Functional Erotic Glass novelty item. Visit www.xxxglass.com

One Elemental Pleasures, one Le Petit Ami handmade vibrator in anodized aluminum with one metal, velvet-lined carrying/display case. Visit www.elementalpleasures.com

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Veronica Monet: Sex Secrets of Escorts

Veronica Monet, a former high-end escort of 14 years, was on our show recently and she gave us lots of her sexy secrets

LISTEN to the episode with Veronica Monet

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Brazilian Wax Video

Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode Extras: Episode 47

Topic: Sex coaching, g-spot, and threesomes
Guests: Celeste and Danielle, Bay Area Sex and Intimacy Coaches


pictured: Celeste and Danielle
Emily Recommends...
"The Good Vibrations Guide - The G Spot"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Listener Mailbag: "Doing a great show"

From a listener in Kabul, Afghanistan...

Hi dear Emily,

What a nice show you have. I have listened to all your episodes.
I'm from a country where people believe sex and talking about sex, is a big sin. They do not even talk about sex with thier own wives.

I'm 28 and from Kabul, Afghanistan and still living here. I found your show, while looking for a an English radio show to improve my English listening.

Here in Afghanistan there is no dating culture and it's impossible to have sex before marriage. When someone gets married here, the couple must spend all their lives together. Because if they separate, it's against the culture here and they can not get remarried.

Emily, from your talk show I have learned a lot of things about sex and about your country¢s present culture.

I'm working for a Radio station also as a journalist and program presenter about current affairs in Afghanistan and world.

I hope one day we have talk show like yours in our own country, about sex issues, which people are not talking about it, but think about.

Wish you all that you want to have,


Monday, October 02, 2006

Trim the bush or mow the lawn?

"If you want to sell the house you've got to mow the lawn." says Marilyn Jaeger in answer why women are waxing every hair down there for the infamous brazilian bikini wax.*

I met Marilyn in San Francisco about 10 years ago as she was building her waxing and skincare empire Marilyn Jaeger Skincare. www.marilynjaegerskincare.com.

My girlfriends in the know told me all about the Brazilian Bikini wax, how it made sex better, how great they felt (especially the afterwards part), how their partners love it and that Marilyn Jaeger was the go-to-girl for getting it all off.

Luckily, when I was just dreaming up the first Sex With Emily podcast, I ran into Marilyn and asked her how she was doing.

"You know what Emily, I've got my finger on every hot hoo-hoo in San Francisco." Her salon was now housed in a beautiful Pacific Height’s Victorian home and boasts a list of over 8000 clients.

Marilyn agreed to be our first guest and gave a great interview but I've been unable to get one thing she told me off my mind.

"Of course you see lots of men these days," I had said to her during our first interview, "Men are waxing their backs, right?" I had done my research, I knew all about this "manscaping" trend: the back wax, facials, trimming below, pedicures.

"Well course the BACK, (duh! Emily) but men are also waxing their balls," she explained to me like we were swapping recipes for summer cocktails.

I knew that men were trimming the bush, but mowing the lawn"? No way are men waxing their balls, the crown jewels? The stepchildren?

Soon after, the Brazilian Bikini wax also made international headlines when actress Eva Longoria admitted that she experienced her first orgasm right after she got her first brazilian bikini wax.

And since Sex with Emily is all about making sure there are more orgasms and better sex for everyone I needed to see it and hear it for myself.

So last week Marilyn was our guest once again but this time she brought props: a massage table, a pot of hot wax and some brave waxing virgins, both men and women, to do the deed in front of us.

I had some questions: why are men and women really expected to remove every unsightly hair from their bodies? How does she get the wax in all those parts? And most importantly, does it really make sex better?

It was quite a night. I saw things and heard things that almost made me blush. The men definitely yelled louder than the woman but at the end all the newbies left with soft baby bottoms and fronts..

Thanks to the guests who endured the pain. They will be calling in next week to see if their sex life has really improved. Let's hope so. Stay tuned.

**Brazilian Bikini Wax: person lies naked on table while a highly trained professional (please don’t ever try this at home) waxes the person bare from front to back down there. Landing strip optional. Hair optional.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Episode Extras: Episode 45

Episode 45: The Waxing Show

Marilyn Jaeger, of Marilyn Jaeger Skincare, was in the studio to perform live bikini waxings on men and women. One of the brave waxing subjects was James from the super fabulous band The Girlfriend Experience.

(photos: left to right)
Marilyn Jaeger, mid-bikini waxing.
Kelly, a brave waxing subject.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Listener Mailbag:Hot Career Women

From Miles, a listener in Cambridge, England on the subject of The Forbes Article mentioned in Episode 43...

Hi Emily,

On the subject of the Forbes mag [episode 43]...

The options given to women through all the societal historical events has given lots of independence and options to women - and that is great. However, one of the effects of this is that so many guys are now no longer the provider and protector.

In many respects men are now redundant and many guys feel pretty insecure about this so they can't cope with the career woman thing.

It doesn't matter if she's a career woman or not. For me, I want an interesting woman who has her own life together, is hot and sexy, vibrant and enjoys life, as I do. Many guys can't cope with that. The trick is to be "together apart". For each to have their own life, and their own path, and to be able to share their lives too...takes a lot of maturity I think - and that's why we have time.

Cambridge, England

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Episode Extras: Episode 44

Topic: Dating Jess, Female Sexual Health, Dating in the Workplace
Guests: Jess (of 'Dating Jess') and
Dr. Leah Millheiser, from Stanford University’s Female Sexual Health Dept. (click here for bios)

Link to Dr. Leah Millheiser's Department Website at Stanford

Dr. Leah Millheiser's recommended books:

Episode 44 photos :


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Episode Extras: Episode 43

Topic: Spying on your lover, Career Women vs. House Wives, Dating Tips for Men
Guests: Jess (of 'Dating Jess') and Sean Newman (click here for bios)


Episode 43 photos :


Friday, September 01, 2006

Dating Jess...

Dating Jess...

Our good friend Jess loves going out... she's a 30-something, fun, smart, pretty girl who lives in San Francisco. She doesn't need much help in the dating department, but we want to see if we can find a Sex With Emily listener who wants to take her out on a fabulous date. We want to think that dating is not dead...

Here are some qualities Jess is looking for in an ideal date:
Age: 36 to 46; lives alone; in shape; smart; chivalrous; funny

Interested in taking Jess out? Send us an email to feedback@sexwithemily with the subject 'dating jess'. Please include a photo and why your are interested in going on a date with her.

Jess will be selecting a winner Live on Sex With Emily, Saturday, September 9th. Tune into 106.9 FreeFM in San Francisco from 11pm-2am PST.

I can't get sex off of my mind

Did you ever have one of those days when all you could think about was sex?

Well, I've had about a year of those days which means it's been a pretty good year.

See, when I decided to host a radio show called SEX WITH EMILY it was because no matter where my conversations started they always led to sex or relationships or dating or marriage or cheating or love or text messaging.

True I may have an ever curious mind for this stuff but I also think it's a time where things like divorce, the internet and the temptations have made commitment much more complicated and therefore ripe for discussion anytime, all the time.

So, I decided to interview some people and create a podcast and see what happened. I thought for sure we can all learn from each other's sex lives and at the very least be inspired to spice up our sexual bag of tricks

That was one year and over a million downloads ago and I'm happy to say from your responses that it seems to be working.

These days, we're having fun doing a live radio show in addition to our original podcast.

Today we're launching this blog because with sex talk the conversations are endless.

Please check back because we'll have pictures, video (yes we do videotape each show) and some other fun extras.

You can also comment here and we'll try to answer as many emails as we can.

I love hearing from and knowing that you're listening, learning and experimenting. I've certainly learned quite a few tricks myself so thanks for all the stories, sex tips and feedback. Keep it coming.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Episode Extras: Episode 41

Topic: Online Adult Entertainment
Guests: Peter Ackworth and Nina from Kink.com (click here for bios)


Download our the new Sex With Emily intro

Episode 41 website mentions :

The Best of What's Bad Online. Before you spend your hard earned money online find out where to get the biggest bang for you buck. We surf through the best gambling, medicinal, dating and adult sites so you don't have to. Find the site that has what you're looking for and go straight there!

Episode 41 photos :

Peter Ackworth, CEO of kink.com

Nina, Model from kink.com

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sex With Emily : One Year Later

Dear Sex With Emily listeners,
Can you believe it's been one year since we posted our first Sex With Emily podcast?

So much has happened since then. We have received amazing feedback from listeners and great press: from the San Francisco Chronicle to the Los Angeles Times . And Emily just had a feature article in the latest 7x7 Magazine Sex Issue. Check it out.

The biggest news is that, since January, we have been airing live on 106.9 FreeFM in San Francisco. We started as just one hour of radio and now do 3 hours every Saturday night from 11pm-2am pst.

Each week, we find that we have so much to share with listeners and don't have the right place to do so on our current website. Therefore, this week, we are launching our blog where we will post episode notes, photos, and other extras. Hope you enjoy it!

Episode Extras : Episode 40

Topic: The State of Sex in San Francisco.
Guests: Heather Hartle (7x7), Jenny Stark (CAKE), and Mistress Simone (click here for bios)
Suprise guest: Tom Leykis


Emily in FreeFM studio

Jenny Stark of CAKE (left) and Mistress Simone (right)